Lonnie & Keri's story

We have been attending CBC for over 15 years. The church has gone through many changes, ups and downs, but we have always felt most loved here at CBC. We love that CBC is biblically based and rooted in the foundation of God's word. We love the families and the sense of community we feel when we walk through the doors. We love that our children are receiving biblical training and creating lifelong friendships. We also love the fact that we are challenged to grow in God's word. You will never find a perfect church, but you can find a perfect church for you....and CBC is just that for our family. 


Megan's story

My husband, Jerod, and I started attending CBC almost two years ago. We felt very welcomed right away. My parents started attending a little after we did. It’s been a great blessing for us since coming to CBC to watch our kids and my parents come to know our Heavenly Father. Our kids have gained so much more confidence in who they are and in Whose they are. We have been blessed to watch my parents grow. They have so much more peace with life and in their marriage. I am forever grateful to CBC for speaking the truth of God’s word into my family and for giving us all the grace to grow. 


Jim's story

Thirteen years ago, I retired from full-time employment that required me working on Sundays. The first couple Sundays into my retirement I drove to a church that I had attended occasionally over the years. But on the way to church each time, I had second thoughts and instead decided to go to breakfast. On the third Sunday after my retirement, knowing nothing about CBC, I drove there without hesitation. I was greeted at the door with a handshake and a smile. My heart and mind in silent unison said "yes," and I've been at CBC ever since. I've grown tremendously in my walk with the Lord over the last several years, and I am grateful for God sending me to CBC.




We are a Christ-centered, Bible-teaching church that EMBRACES God, EQUIPS the body, and ENGAGES the world.

At CBC, we...

  • Demonstrate faith, hope, and love in our community.
  • Provide an atmosphere of worship.
  • Proclaim the Gospel clearly and stimulate evangelism in our community.
  • Establish and encourage believers in their daily spiritual walk with God.
  • Equip believers for works of service and ministry.
  • Send laborers to community and lands beyond our own.


CBC is a pastor-served, elder-led church.



Brandon Glaza | Teaching Pastor
Brandon, Rachael, and their family came to CBC in 2015 from Central Iowa, where they served as schoolteachers. Brandon began at CBC as Youth Pastor and in 2019 he moved into the Teaching Pastor role. Brandon and Rachael have 4 daughters. When he's not hanging out with teens or chasing his own kids, Brandon enjoys skiing and tubing on his boat or riding his motorcycle.

Recent read: On Pastoring by H.B. Charles
Favorite preachers: John Piper, Voddie Baucham
Date night favorites: Mandarin Spice sushi and a movie at the cheap theater

Mobile: (515) 306-2554
E-Mail: brandon@mvcbc.org



Dennis Fulkerson | Discipleship Pastor
Dennis and Amy have been members of CBC since 2004. After a few years serving overseas, Dennis returned to CBC and stepped into the role of Discipleship Pastor in July 2017. Dennis and Amy have three daughters and are proud alumni of Iowa State University.

Recent read: Crucified by Christians by Gene Edwards
On the to-read list:
Seeing With New Eyes by David Powlison
Oft-recommended title:
New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp
Favorite ethnic dish: Turkish bulgur patty with pomegranate sauce

Mobile: (319) 573-6331
E-Mail: dennis@mvcbc.org




Bill Schuster


Philip Dean


Dale Rutledge


Alan Bausch


Dennis Fulkerson

Brandon Glaza

Eric Krob




Janet Leeper | Office Administrator

Janet has faithfully served as CBC's office administrator for more than 30 years. Contact Janet in the church office at 319-895-6269 or janet@mvcbc.org.


Rachel Aalbers | Librarian

Rachel curates a collection of more than 5,000 Christian and family-friendly titles for children and adults. Contact Rachel at library@mvcbc.org.




CBC was founded in 1987 by 20 families from Faith Bible Church in Robins, Iowa, who had a vision for a new church in the Mount Vernon area. We met at the Mount Vernon Middle School until our present facility on West Mount Vernon Road opened in 1994. For more than three decades, we've been growing and serving in Mount Vernon, Lisbon, surrounding communities, and beyond.




CBC is a non-denominational, independent Bible church. We believe the Bible to be God's inerrant word. We believe that God is holy and perfect and exists as the eternal Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that people are sinful and separated from God. We believe that Jesus Christ's substitutionary sacrifice on the cross was God's way of redeeming humanity. We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world, saving and sanctifying people. We believe that the Church is a conduit through which God engages the world. We believe that the redeemed will fellowship with God forever in eternity. We believe that the Gospel changes lives and brings hope to the world.

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